Complaints & Grievance Procedure

Grievance in workplace is a situation in which two individuals may have a dispute, compliant or issue which has not been resolved. Workplace grievance can sometimes be due to organizational structures, personality clashes or difference of opinion over ideas, decision or actions.
There are few common types of grievance in workplace such as:-
  1. Wages
  2. Job classification
  3. Allowances
  4. Incentives
  5. Promotion
  6. Fairness
  7. Favoritism
  8. Layoffs
We recognize to solve the grievance and complaints must be open, transparent and consensual agreed with relevant affected parties. Therefore, we have written procedures to provide a platform to any party for complaining or presenting their views and opinions. These procedures can ensure all the disputes are resolves in an effective, timely and appropriate manner.

Flow Chart of Handling of Boundary Dispute

Flow Chart of Handling of Social Dispute

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