Social Responsibility

Our priority is not only our business but also the people which including our employees and public.  Therefore, we are continuing to implement and improve our CSR (Corporate social responsibility) program which including:-

1. Accommodation 

Unmarried workers are provided rooms within a house; married workers are provided a house with two or three room.

2. Water and Electricity


- all house are supply with clean pipe water and electricity.

3. Medical Care



 - an estate hospital assistant is allocated 24 hrs to provide non-emergency and emergency health care to workers.

4. Education


 - a free tuition fee kindergarten is located in estate, also free tuition classes for PMR and SPM students are provided by company in order to enhance the education level of our worker’s children.

5. Sport and Recreation


  - Sport carnival day, singing competition and annual staff and workers holiday tour are organized yearly to help the workers reduce their stress and to get closer relation in between workers.


Besides that, a social impact assessment is conducted in a resource management area and this can help answer who is impacted and who gains and losses as a result of specific programs or policies. In answering these types of questions, managers and staff members can gain a better understanding of how their decisions influence and impact communities.

To ensure our people are treated with respect, dignity and fairness, we are fully committed to implement our social policy as below:-

Link to Social Policy 

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